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3 Days Wellness Retreat In Rishikesh


Our ultimate goal is to provide some relaxation of mind from this hectic world which will improve our quality of life and to achieve this goal we crafted these retreats. In this retreat course when you take the proper treatment you will be getting better and you will be feeling that you are connected with yourself and with your soul and mind. After taking this course you will feel relax because all the toxins your body will remove during this course. All the negative thoughts will remove from your mind and will feel positive vibes around you. Here we provide you fresh air as the Rishikesh Wellness is situated in Rishikesh which is a less polluted city and it also situated in the bank of the river from where fresh cool air is passed away which makes you feel fresh and you will become healthy by inhaling pollution free air. By joining this 3 days wellness retreat you will learn all forms of yoga and self-controlling process which helps you in controlling your anger some people have this issue in their life of being angry quickly which is not good for our lifestyle and to our surroundings. This problem of getting angry in small things can be solved by doing meditation daily. In this retreat, we provide you Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to ensure that your physical, mental and emotional well-being hit a peak. Our team goal is to be healthy and be happy. Happiness is the key to a healthy life, as stress is leading to many diseases, so be happy, stress-free and enjoy your life without being ill or sick. Join us to take health benefits which keep you fit and happy. We provide you best facilities in this 3 days retreat section.

Hurry up and join the Rishikesh Wellness the best wellness retreat in Rishikesh for this 3 days wellness retreat to become healthy and stay focused and for wellbeing. Here you feel positive and connecting with your body, soul and mind with each other. We make the schedule which is given below in a way in which you live a relaxing life with enjoying treatments like yoga and wake up with the sun.

Our Services In 3 Days Wellness Retreat


Abyangham is a whole-body massage involving all parts of the body followed by a herbal steam and medicated shower. It is performed by herbal ayurvedic oils pre-mixed with herbs for specific conditions. It improves the self-healing ability of the body. This therapy induces hormones to get balance. This massage activates the circulation of the body and makes skin soft and glowing.

Kati Basti

Kati Basti is used for oil types of aches or pains. Kati Basti helps tp reduce pain in the lower back and lower limb. The oil used in kati Basti is warm sesame oil. This oil has many benefits. It is a very beneficial treatment for muscle pain. It is used to treat disorders that involve ligaments, bones (ashti), muscle (mamsa), vertebrae and nerves (majja). Symptoms of such disorders are stiffness, pain, inflammation, and restricted movements.


Swedana is an ayurvedic treatment means to "perspire". It is also called as steam therapy. It is of two types. This massage is used to detoxification of the body. It improves our body's metabolisms and relaxs it. It reduces stress and helps in weight loss. This massage activates the circulation of the body and makes skin soft and glowing.

Our wellness retreat is carefully crafted by best, talented, and experienced Ayurvedic therapists. We have a range of massages that help to detoxify your body and cure many common diseases. These treatments in this wellness retreat help you to eliminate toxins from the body, which are the root of various diseases and disorders.

3 Days Wellness Retreat Schedule

Timing Work
7 AM Tea(Ginger, Lemon)
7:30 AM – 8:30 AM Yoga
8:40 AM – 9:40 AM Meditation
9:40 AM – 10:30 AM Breakfast
10:30 AM 11:30PM Philosophy lecture
11:30 PM – 12:30 PM Mantra Chanting
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM Rest or Self study
4:30 PM- 5:30 PM Ayurvedic lecture
5:30 PM – 6:00 PM Fruit juice
5:00 PM – 5:30 PM Fruits / Shake
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Yoga class
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM Free time
10:00 PM – 11:00 PM Day Celebration and Question answering
11:00 PM Sleep
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